Monday, February 27, 2017

Rapids Lose Diamond Cup Final to Dynamo

In a game very reminiscent of 2016 Colorado fell to Houston 2-0 in the Desert Diamond Cup final, the second time they've lost the last game of the tournament.  The lineup:

Miller - Watts - Sjoberg - Burch
Azira - Cronin
Hairston - Powers - Badji

The starting XI was also the finish XI as no subs were made in the 90 minutes and the team was dragging by the end.  Earlier in the day the second team scrimmaged Houston (losing by the same score) which meant that by the end of both games almost everyone had gone 90 minutes.  That's probably why their was no subs.

The game itself was very 2016.  Good defense, decent possession, no creativity on offense.  Eventually the defense broke down and conceded and then we were chasing the game.  Powers is clearly not a #10 and Badji is still Badji.  Expect a repeat in playing style from 2016 this year if this game is anything to go by.  The Rapids finish preseason 4-1-1.

Now, onto the regular season.  Its game week!  Midweek I'll have my season preview and predictions before we get ready for opening night (day) on Saturday.

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