Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Odds and Ends 9/16/14

  • Sanchez out 2-3 weeks due to injury
  • Rumors have the Rapids announcing their USL partnership for next season by aligning with the Queen City Soccer Club in Charlotte, who are taking over the Charlotte Eagles USL spot when the Eagles move to the PDL next season.
Sadly its pretty clear there will be no partnership with the Colorado Springs Switchbacks who will start play next season.  From the outside it appears the relationship between the Rapids and Switchbacks is frosty, which is too bad.  I don't know why the teams aren't working together but its a lost opportunity as now they'll be competing against each other, which is lose-lose for fans.  For example, the Switchbacks are hosting a friendly between LA II and Arizona next month, on the same night as the final Rapids home game.  Fans have to choose between the teams instead of them helping each other out.
  • John Metgod has left the team and returned home to the Netherlands
The Rapids announcement is very vague as to why, but a report translated by Google from Holland makes it sound like he only had a short-term contract and they couldn't successfully negotiate a long-term deal.  Odd to have a coach's contract run out mid-season but since the season is lost already it worked out.
  • Zat Knight still expected to sign
According to the Denver Post the Rapids did file all necessary paperwork to sign Knight before yesterday's 3pm roster freeze deadline.  He's currently back in England getting his immigration paperwork processed and will be announced once he returns.  He's expected to be ready for the next home game against San Jose on the 27th.  Current reports is that its a short term deal for evaluation purposes and the team is not committed for 2015 yet.  Sounds like a good move, get him 5 games of MLS play and see if there's value there.
  • Pablo is expecting Nasco to start in goal against FSL on Friday.
Where's that brick-wall head banging smiley when you need it.  Hopefully this will do:

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