Monday, September 8, 2014

Holding Off On Season Tickets

No, don't think I will at the moment

The Rapids 2015 season ticket drive has started.  Currently I sit in 108 so my season tickets are handled by Centennial 38.  Just to be clear, my comments in this post about not buying tickets yet have nothing to do with C38 or the C38 experience.  I couldn't be happier with the way the group has handled 108 and being our "ticket reps".

As enjoyable as the C38 group is though, I'm not rushing to the website to buy my 2015 season tickets.  C38 has generously agreed to hold seats in 108 for their current season ticket holders at the current price until Thanksgiving.  In past years I have normally set up my tickets for the next season as soon as they've become available but this year I've decided to wait.  The Rapids have spent the last month plus convincing me that they're not serious about the rest of the 2014 season, and I want to see some evidence that they're serious about 2015.  I made this as a joke originally, but every day that goes by since convinces me more and more that its the attitude the Rapids Front Office is taking:

We're currently in a seven game losing streak that started when we lost Shane O'Neill and later Drew Moor to what appear to be season-ending injuries.  Despite that the Rapids have yet to make a move to reinforce the back line and their only rumored move (Zat Knight, who was at training today) doesn't fill me with much confidence.  Our last game was a historic defeat and the Front Office continues to be silent about it.  Our big signing last season, Gabriel Torres, can't even get on the field at this point but Edson Buddle, the biggest waste of money on the team, starts.  Then you have the coaching "search" this past offseason, which I've detailed in many posts.  Heck, even the mini-donut guy left and I loved having donuts during the game (though as I understand it he got a contract for the Pepsi Center, so its hard to blame that one on the Rapids).

There's only really one lever fans have to influence their teams, their wallet.  Why should I hand over the cost of season tickets to the Rapids FO right now?  They haven't shown they're going to do anything other than bank that money and continue to not care about the results on the field.  This season is over, there's no way we're going to make the playoffs.  That gives the Rapids 7 games and the first 5 weeks of the offseason to convince me that things will be different in 2015.  Otherwise I'll save some money next year, attend less games, and the Front Office will have to find another way to sell my ticket.


Anonymous said...

Hey, JasonMa, enjoying the blog. It's AlbertCamus from bigsoccer! Can't advise you the season tickets- good luck!

Jason Maxwell said...

Thanks for reading!

Rod Gallagher said...

You know you are going to sign-up. The pull of the Rapids is just too strong and we will get better. This is just a dip in time....