Monday, September 15, 2014

Well, We Didn't Lose.

The Rapids ended their 7 game losing streak but continued their winless streak with a 2-2 draw against the Timbers.  In a game marred by lousy refereeing a draw was probably a fair result with how the teams played.  Again Colorado gave up the first goal right before half (the cleanest goal of the game) leveled the score right after half, took the lead, then gave it up late.
  • Just a badly officiated game.  The PK was questionable, the other Rapids goal might have been offside, and the second Portland goal was assisted by a clear handball.
  • Berner did not look good on either goal.  Between the Nasco red last week and Berner's performance this week let's just put Irwin back in goal and leave it.
  • I don't get the lineup for this game.  We didn't lose, so I guess it worked, but I don't know why we're giving starts to LaBrocca and Hill over Hairston and Serna at this point in this season.
  • Sanchez out 2-3 weeks injured, which is why he didn't play.  *sigh*
  • Brown should have had a hat-trick, not just 1 goal.  He needs to figure out how to put away the opportunities his speed creates.
  • Brown just needs 1 more goal to hit double-digits for a second straight year.
  • Good to see O'Neill back.  You could see the rust but he'll get better and it allowed Wynne to return to the right side where he's better.
  • We're 6 points out of the playoffs with 6 games left.  Despite the point the season is still over.
  • Next week we're in Sandy to try to avoid tying our second longest winless streak.  Also we need at least a point to avoid becoming the first team to be swept in the Rocky Mountain Cup.
  • And with this week's results we have been eliminated from finishing first or second in the West for the 19th straight year (yes, that means the Rapids have never finished above 3rd in the West).
Man of the Match: Deshorn Brown.  He earned the first penalty and scored a great goal for the second, even if both were questionable.


Schmicker said...

So what is going on with Irwin?

Jason Maxwell said...

Pablo's lost the plot I think.