Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Silence Is Deafening

We're now 24 hours since the Rapids suffered the worst loss in their history and in doing so extended their now worst ever losing streak.  Yet other than Pablo's standard post-game platitudes there's nothing from the Front Office in response to the game.

This isn't a game that can just be put in the rear view mirror while the team moves to the next game.  A debacle of this proportion requires a response beyond the standard coaching post-game interview.  Paul Bravo as Technical Director or Tim Hinchey as Club President should have made a statement by now, but instead we get silence.  The team's official Twitter and Facebook accounts have nothing but official game recaps.  Hinchey's personal Twitter, which he hasn't been shy in using to promote the team in the past, just has Notre Dame related tweets.  Richard Fleming (currently serving as Media Director after David Lindholm left) has published his View from the Booth column on the game, but it contains nothing more than any of his other post-game columns.  Paul Bravo doesn't have Twitter and apparently has made no public comment, nor has Pablo (beyond the post-game interview).

Contrast that to what we've seen from other teams.  Seattle's refund to their season ticket holders in 2010 is a source of much joking among other fanbases but it showed how a team can respond immediately (7:30 the next morning) to a disaster on the field.  In 2011 Arsenal (don't the Rapids and Arsenal have something in common?) lost on the road by 6 goals (hmm, that sounds familiar) and the next day offered a free ticket to another EPL match to every fan who traveled to Old Trafford for the loss.  In April Norwich City players themselves refunded travelling supporters for their game tickets after a 3-0 loss at Swansea while Norwich was in a relegation battle.

I'm not suggesting the team needs to offer any sort of refunds (that's going way above and beyond expectations) but there needs to be some sort of recognition of the historic nature of last night's loss. The fans deserve some sort of response from the organization to show that they're taking the issues seriously and there's some sort of steps being taken to rectify what happened.  Or maybe the Rapids FO is hoping that like Doctor Who's Silence (above) the game will be forgotten as soon as the fans look away. 

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