Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Zat Knight Inbound?

Colonel Jack O'Neill with a Zat'nik'tel (aka Zat)

Yesterday the Rapids confirmed that an experienced international center back would be flying to Denver this week for final negotiations to join the team.  Today sources indicate that the defender is former Bolton and England center back Zat Knight.  He's 34 years old and has played for Fulham, Peterbrough United (on loan), Aston Villa, and Bolton.  He was named Bolton's captaoin for 2013-14 but made only 5 appearances last year.  His 2 caps for England came in 2005, with his first cap being against the U.S.  He'll turn 35 years old in May.

Color me unimpressed.  Knight may or may not be a serviceable back, but its too little too late.  Since he's an international he'll need to get his ITC transferred and an American visa before he can play.  There's no way that happens before this weekend's game and I'd be shocked if it gets done before the Portland home game next week.  Add in that he hasn't played since May and he'll need time to get up to game fitness so we're looking at maybe 6 games this season, but probably 5 or less.  By that point the season will be over.

He'll add some depth and leadership next season but where will he play?  If he's happy coming off the bench then that's great, as I expect Moor and O'Neill to get a majority of the CB starts next season.  Maybe we move O'Neill to RB or DMid, but I think that's a waste of his young talent.  I'd have to make a big signing and have to leave him on the bench or move Moor or O'Neill.

My question is where was this move 6 weeks ago?  O'Neill went down in July and we were already struggling on defense.  Moor went down 2.5 weeks ago and we were in real trouble.  Now, maybe, we might make a signing?  What took so long?  In the last 6+ weeks the season went downhill quickly.

In the end if we sign Knight for $125K or less he gives us decent depth and can fill in for Moor if he's not back to start the season next year before going to the bench.  If we spend significantly more than that or our forced to make other roster changes to fit him in then this is a late knee-jerk reaction to a season that's already lost.

And yes, that's a picture of Richard Dean Anderson in Stargate SG-1 at the top.  The Zat joke was too good for a geek like me to pass up. ;)

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