Thursday, May 26, 2016

Calvert Back, Pappa Still Out

Two piece of roster news:

Not ideal but this weekend's game is the big impact.  With no Jones, Gashi, or Pappa I wonder where the midfield creativity is going to come from.  After that we have a break until the USOC game on June 15th and the home game against the Fire on the 19th.  We probably don't need Pappa to win those games.  We'll want him back when we go to LA on the 22nd though.
Odd timing on this.  He would be cover for Doyle being gone but Doyle will be here Saturday.  After that we won't need him until the 19th.  He's already cup-tied to Charlotte so we can't use him in the USOC match on the 15th.  Given that, why not leave him in Charlotte at least through their USOC 3rd round match nest Wednesday?

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