Thursday, May 19, 2016

USOC And Salary Info

Two pieces of news today.  We'll start with the small stuff first.  The 4th round U.S. Open Cup draw was held today and it was determined that the Rapids will host the winner of the game on June 1st in Arizona between Arizona United and the Colorado Springs Switchbacks, both USL teams.  The game will be sometime between June 14th and 16th.

The bigger news was the first release of the 016 salary list.  Here's the numbers for the Rapids.  The first number is the base salary, the second is the 2016 guaranteed salary.

Azira Michael $63,000.00 $65,826.88
Badji Dominique $53,472.00 $53,472.00
Berner John $63,000.00 $63,000.00
Burch Marc $120,000.00 $120,000.00
Burling Bobby $110,000.00 $116,000.00
Calvert Caleb $75,000.00 $82,500.00
Castillo Dennis $51,500.04 $51,500.04
Cronin Sam $225,000.00 $227,500.00
Doyle Conor $66,000.00 $67,250.00
Doyle Kevin $1,075,000.00 $1,120,000.00
Froschauer Chris $51,500.04 $51,500.04
Gashi Shkelzen $1,575,000.00 $1,668,750.00
Hairston Marlon $90,000.00 $113,000.00
Howard Tim $2,100,000.00 $2,575,000.00
Jones Jermaine $600,000.00 $650,000.00
MacMath Zac $140,000.00 $140,000.00
Miller Eric $66,412.50 $77,412.50
Pappa Marco $110,000.00 $110,000.00
Pfeffer Zach $101,000.00 $101,000.00
Powers Dillon $270,000.00 $300,000.00
Ramirez Juan Edgardo $85,000.00 $85,000.00
Serna Dillon $66,000.00 $79,000.00
Sjoberg Axel $66,000.00 $81,000.00
Solignac Luis $85,000.00 $85,000.00
St. Ledger Sean $191,875.00 $194,375.00
Watts Jared $68,000.00 $68,000.00
Williams Mekeil $85,000.00 $85,000.00

Two notes.  Jones' cap his is being bought down with TAM and we're also on the hook for at least half of Sarvas' $360K+.

No real surprises here.  Once we signed Gashi, Howard, and Jones to go with Doyle it was clear pretty much everyone else was going to be under $150K in order to fit under the cap.  We've got 4 players making the max (or more), 21 players making under $150K, and 2 players in-between.

Its those two players where we're getting the least bang for the buck.  Sean St. Ledger is just below 200K and due to injury hasn't played yet this season.  Dillon Powers is making $300K and has played 457 minutes (most  of that during Jones' suspension).  That's over $1K per minute we've gotten from those two players.  Obviously a huge waste right now.

The steals this year appear to be Azira at $65K (that might be the steal of the league) and Williams at $85K.  If Pappa comes back at the same level his $110K is looking good too (and its lower than was what rumored).

The sum of the salaries of the top 18 paid players (adjusting the big 4 to just be the cap number) is $3.66M.  The cap is $3.66M.  That doesn't even include whatever we're paying Sarvas.  Obviously we're using both types of allocation money (GAM and TAM) to get him within the budget but its safe to say that we're essentially at the cap and if we fill that last open roster spot it will be a developmental player at a low cost.

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