Thursday, March 4, 2010

Casey Signs For 3 More Years

Conor Casey has signed a contract that will keep him with the Rapids for 3 more years. This will keep Casey in MLS (barring a transfer) through the 2012 season when Casey will be 31 years old. Casey is coming off a 16-goal season, a record for both him and the Rapids.

This is a good move by the Rapids, keeping possibly the best striker in team history wrapped up through his best remaining years. On average strikers drop off in their 30's so at the end of this contract the Rapids will have a decision to make but until then they've got a top MLS striker and possible World Cup player locked up.

I also like the fact that the Rapids made the announcement at Denver South, Casey's old high school. A little hokey, but its nice to see the connection back to the community and it gives the current generation a good example of what's possible in soccer in this country.

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