Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Noonan Waived

The Rapids waived Pat Noonan today. My guess is that he was a casualty of the new guaranteed contract language in the new CBA. The Rapids didn't want to be locked into a 6 figure contract for a guy who appears to be on the quick downside of his career. An update on our roster situation:

Ian Joyce
Matt Pickens

Julian Baudet
Danny Earls
Kosuke Kimura
Drew Moor
Oscar Murillo
Scott Palguta

Mehdi Ballouchy
Colin Clark
Nick LaBrocca
Jeff Larentowicz
Pablo Mastroeni
Jamie Smith
Wells Thompson

Conor Casey
Omar Cummings

Under Contract (type unknown):
Ross LaBauex


Andre Akpan

Under Development Contract:
Steward Ceus - On loan to Charlotte

Michael Holody
Rob Valentino - GA

Ciaran O'Brien - GA

Ross Schunk - On DL most if not all the season with ACL tear

On Trial:
Andy Lorei

That's 17-19 senior contracts (depending on the nature of Akpan and LaBauex's contracts) and 3 developmental contracts + 2 that don't count towards the roster cap. The announced limits of 20 senior and 4 developmental contracts seem to be changing every time a reporter/blogger talks to the league but its probably a good baseline to work with. Based on that the Rapids have one senior contract and one developmental contract to give out. Given the time that Andy Lorei has been getting in this preseason i think that he'll get the developmental contract.

Assuming he signs, here's how we stack up by position:

Goalkeepers: 2 + 1 on loan that can be recalled
Defenders: 8
Midfielders: 10
Forwards: 3 + 1 on DL that probably won't e available this season

Yeah, you read that right, 3 forwards. I really hope the senior roster spot that's been opened up by Noonan leaving is already being offered to a forward with some decent top-level experience. Going into the season with our Dynamic Duo of Casey and Cummings only being backed up by a rookie is a really bad idea.

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