Sunday, March 28, 2010

Marvellous Wynne for the Rapids!

For the first time in team history the Rapids won a season opening game on the road. In the first half both teams looked much like this was their first game of the season, with numerous players who weren't on the same page with their teammates. The Rapids were the better of the two teams, with Omar Cummings being particularly dangerous. The Rapids came out hot in the second half. In the 55th minute a deflected Colin Clark pass came to Cummings and in one move he spun and shot from the top of the box, curing it past the keeper and off the post for a 1-0 lead. Chivas wouldn't go away quietly though and pressed the attack. Their best chance however was actually an almost own goal from Danny Earls, who headed the ball back to goalkeeper Matt Pickens when Pickens was running up to it. Matt was able to dive back and grab the ball to prevent the goal. Chivas wouldn't quit though and the Rapids were dodging bullets until the very end, but pulled off the shutout for their first season-opening road win.

I thought teamwork was going to be the key to the game, but both teams were suffering from too many new players and not enough time together. Still though, on the winning goal the Rapids put together a 9 pass sequence before the 10th pass from Clark was deflected to Cummings. The Rapids were able to put together more of those type of sequences in this game.

Other Observations:
  • Pickens did not look good in this game, punching many balls that most keepers would have caught. Hopefully its just a matter of shaking the rust off.
  • Earls and Kimura had unspectacular nights. Earls was just average. No real mistakes but never really stood out. Kimura had a couple of bad plays that he had to make up for, but was also more involved with the offense than Earls.
  • Ballouchy was Ballouchy, never did anything particularly good but at least avoid doing anything too horrible. In the last moments of the game he was more concerned with trying to score the second goal than taking time off the clock, but it didn't cost us. I'm still not thrilled with the idea of him starting but if he can play like this then he'd be a decent sub.
  • Great to see Colin Clark start and get 80 minutes. He obviously wasn't 100%, but he was doing well enough to be dangerous.
  • Casey was quiet this game, but that was partially because Chivas was keeping him under wraps. Just the threat of what he could do was enough to free up other players. He'll have to back up that threat with actions this season, but just having somebody who can be that dangerous is a great help for the likes of Cummings and Clark.
  • I have to say something good about Drew Moor. Not only because he played a solid game at center back, but also because I won his autographed jersey in the Supporter's Club raffle at the Kick-Off Party!
  • Great to see the Rapids in HD and Marc Stout back doing the pbp!
Player of the Game: Marvell Wynne. This was a tough choice between Wynne and Cummings, who were the best two players on the pitch Friday night. Even though Cummings got the goal I gave the nod to Wynne because of his solid work for a defensive line that he only met 24 hours earlier. His only real mistake was on his first touch of the game, where a ref could have easily called, possibly incorrectly, a PK. After that though he didn't really put a foot wrong and while a bit out of position at times his speed allowed him to compensate. A great start for the newest Rapid.

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