Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Down to 24?

Crossposted from No Fan Alone. The Class VI Grand Poobah asked that I post some of my on-field analysis there, but I wanted to make sure those of you that started reading me here saw it as well.

Today the Rapids Undercurrent had some notes from Gary Smith. One in particular stood out to me:
The fact that we have a settled 24 at the moment doesn’t necessarily mean that that will be the same 24 that starts the season
Based on the announcements from the team, the Rapids have 26, not 24 on the roster. Ross Schunk's torn ACL means he'll be able to stay on the roster above the expected 24 limit. It sounds like Smith already has an idea of who the odd man out is at this point.

Given that Dalby has played two 45 minute halves in the first two preseason games and nothing since then, I'm still putting my money on him being the odd man out.

The other option is that Palguta's injury is worse than expected and he'll start on the DL as well, leaving the 24 signed healthy players as the 24.

(This all assumes that neither of the trialists are signed)

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