Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lopez to Colorado?

Steven Goff is reporting that former Wizard Claudio Lopez is in talks with the Rapids. I think its not a bad as a backup attacking player. I don't see him working his way into the starting lineup, unless he can play right mid and Jamie Smith isn't available. The key to this being good or bad is going to be $$$ and what (if anything) we have to send to KC. Though considering how desperate we are for depth in the attack it might be worth it.

Lopez is also notable to having the biggest reaction to the Class VI heckling in the last couple of years, at one point turning to the section and yelling back.


Anonymous said...

as long as they dont give him DP money i dont see how this would be terrible for you guys.

what can we expect to get out of noonan this season? how done is he?

Jason Maxwell said...

Noonan is pretty done based on what I saw last year.

Jester said...

I would be very suprised if this actually happened. Lopez isn't Smith's kind of player. He's not young, he's not strong, and he's not fast. He would be an upgrade over Ballouchy, but where would he fit in a midfield with Pablo, Larenowitz, Clark and Smith?

Jester said...

Boy, I sure got that one wrong, didn't I?