Thursday, March 25, 2010

LaBrrocca for Wynne

As soon as I posted that the Final Roster was set, the Rapids made a trade. Out goes Nick LaBrocca, in comes Marvell Wynne from Toronto. TFC also gets an unspecified draft pick in the trade. No official confirmation yet, but multiple reports are leaking about it.

I am cautiously optimistic about this trade. LaBrocca was somewhat redundant as a defensive/holding mid with both Pablo and Larentowicz. Wynne is a strong speedy guy that needs work on his technical skills. The one down side is that Wynne can pretty much only play right back, which makes me wonder what the plans aare for personal favorite Kosuke Kimura. Is Wynne being brought in for depth or will he be expected to start at RB? If so, I think Kimura turns into a super sub that can come in at RB, RM, DM, and even LB in a pinch.

UPDATE: Trade confirmed by Rapids press release. We sent a 3rd round pick along with LaBrocca.


Allen said...

Interesting move. I'm sad to see LaBrocca moving on. I'd love to have him around int he long run. But, as you pointed out, having a healthy JL makes LaBrocca redundant. Although with Dalby gone the Rapids are looking a lot more thin in the middle of the park. Any chance they're looking to bring someone else in?

Peter C said...

Not a regular follower of the Rapids. Who would be the starting right mid? Smith?

Jason Maxwell said...

Smith is expected to be the starter at right mid.