Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Long Road Trip On Short Rest

Boston and back mid-week can't be fun

Tomorrow the Rapids make their longest road trip of the season heading to Boston (well, Foxborough) for a mid-week match against the Revolution.  On op of the long trip and short rest the Revs also play on turf so you can count out Sanchez and probably Buddle.  Game time tomorrow is 5:30pm MDT and the game will be on Altitude with 'Celo and Fleming.

Injury Report:
QUESTIONABLE: DF Shane O'Neill (R knee sprain); MF Jose Mari (L ankle sprain); FW Deshorn Brown (R groin strain)

Disciplinary Report:

As of the last injury report New England had two players out so they're in slightly better shape than we are.  The track record this season of our lineups on short rest has been somewhat unpredictable but I'm going to take my best guess:

I think we see a largely second team tomorrow night while the main starters stay here and rest for the weekend RMC match.  Its really a guess though.

Strategic Consideration: Punt.  This is probably heavily influenced by the rivalry, but strategically I think our best move is to write this game off.  Mid-week, short rest, long road trip, on turf, and playing an eastern Conference opponent.  Meanwhile on Saturday we have a Western Conference opponent at home and on top of everything else the Rocky Mountain Cup.  The 3 points on Saturday are more valuable and IMO more achievable than the points tomorrow night and we should focus on one game instead of trying to split focus and get 0 wins (like we've seen in our other short rest weeks this year).

Prediction: 1-0 loss.  I don't like our chances in this one regardless of the lineup.  The Revs haven't been scoring much lately but I think the short rest and long travel lead to a bad game for the Rapids.  new England breaks its long losing streak and sends us home without points.

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