Thursday, July 31, 2014

Well, That Sucked

As expected the Rapids looked listless on short rest.  What wasn't expected was how much of an egg they laid.  No passion, sloppy defense, invisible offense, and zero points.  Really a sad effort from Colorado but not a shock given their track record in short-rest games this season.

My strategic consideration was punting on this game.  Sadly the only regular starts who got the night completely off were those too injured to play (O'Neill, Jose Mari, and Brown).  Otherwise everyone who would likely be in our best XI played at least 20 minutes and we still lost.
  • In games on short rest the Rapids are averaging .4 pts per game.  In games on regular rest they're at 1.75 pts/game.  This is really the only thing Pablo has flubbed this season, the massive lineup changes and the inability to get his team up to play on short rest.
  • Watts, Hill, Hairston, LaBrocca.  That's a midfield that scares exactly no teams.  Our inability to play the ball at all through midfield killed us.
  • Watts was, again at fault on a goal.  He was ball watching on the throw-in and let Nguyen run free to set up the first goal.
  • The officiating wasn't great, but it wasn't the reason for the loss.  A yellow should have been shown to New England at some point in the first half for persistent infringement.
  • Piermayr's second yellow was weak but it was a foul.  Since the Revs scored immediately off the free-kick to make it 2-0 the missing player didn't come into play.  We weren't going to win down 2 if we had 10 or 11 men on the pitch.
  • Pablo's comments after the game communicated all the right things, but so did Moor's after the USOC loss.  There's only so many "wake up" games you can have before you realize the team isn't waking up.  Less talk more action at this point.
  • Even with the loss we're still having our 7th best season of all time, only .014 pts/game out of the top 5.  The loss dropped us from a tie for 3rd to 7th.
Man of the Match: Clint Irwin.  Kind of wins by default as nobody had a real good game.

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