Thursday, July 10, 2014

Semifinals - Complete

Germany: 7 - Brazil: 1
Wow.  I'm still not sure I saw what I saw.  Germany ripped Brazil to shreds with 4 goals in 6 minutes.  At times the goals looked like a German player playing a video game against a weak CPU team controlling the Brazilians.  Complete domination.

Argentina: 0 (4) - Netherlands: 0 (2)
Two contrasting games.  This one might have set the sport back 20 years.  Two teams playing not to lose and boring everyone to death.

3rd Place Game:
Brazil - Netherlands - Who knows.  Neither of these teams looked particularly inspired in the semifinals.  I;m going to say Brazil as they redeem a bit of their pride and end with a win.

Germany - Argentina
Before the tournament started I had Argentina losing the final and I think I'm going to get that prediction correct.  OK, I had them losing to Brazil and not Germany, but I get 50%.  ;)  Messi can change a game in an instant but Germany just looks too good.

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