Monday, July 28, 2014

Rapids Honor Pablo, Retire Chivas USA

Colorado had an easy night against Chivas USA.  Complete dominance early led to a 2-0 halftime lead and Gaby Torres' first goal of the season in the second half finished the job for a 3-0 win.  The Rapids outshot Chivas 16-4, shots on target were 7-1 to Colorado's favor, and the home team had 6 corners to the visitors 3 (and none of those were until the second half).  A surprisingly toothless performance from the team soon to be renamed.

My strategic consideration was not outsmarting ourselves.  No signs of resting or overlooking Chivas until the game was put away.  Now we just need to keep that focus throughout this week.
  • The game started with a bang, literally.  The normal post-anthem Arsenal cannon discharge didn't happen until a minute or two into the game.  I'm pretty sure everyone's heart skipped a beat when that came out of nowhere.
  • It also started with a bang figuratively as Torres set up Serna with a shot that caromed off the crossbar within the first two minutes.
  • LaBrocca's goal doesn't seem possible.  It almost looks like somebody reached out and hooked it into the goal at the last minute.  Great strike.
  • A couple of weeks ago I commented that LaBrocca's shooting kills us every time.  Guess I have to take that back for a bit. ;)
  • If that hadn't gone in the Rapids would have had a great argument for a handball just before the shot.  Scoring so quickly made that moot though.
  • Textbook corner and header from Powers and Moor on the second goal.  You couldn't execute that any better.
  • Loved seeing a solid defensive effort from the Rapids in the second half.  They had a very organized shape from the forwards that set a strong line just inside the defensive half all the way back to the back 4.
  • Watts is still struggling but his play this week was an improvement from the last 2-3 games.  Glad to see he's not getting his head down.
  • Sanchez had a quiet night but he's fun to watch every time he gets the ball.
  • Torres showed why he's a DP for the first time all season.  If it wasn't Pablo's night Torres would have been MotM.  His goal was well placed and showed his ability to read the game.
  • Not only did he have the goal, but his pass to Sanchez set up the shot that was blocked by the hand on the first goal, and it was his shot that was deflected for the corner that led to the second goal.
  • After tonight's results the Rapids are tied with LA and Dallas for 3rd in points but LA has 3 games in hand on Dallas while Colorado only has 1.  That group is tied for 5th overall in the league.  Vancouver is 2 points back on the outside of the playoff chase.
Man of the Match: Pablo Mastroeni.  How can you not choose the greatest player in team history on the night he was added to the Gallery of Honor?

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