Saturday, July 5, 2014

Quarterfinals - Complete

Germany: 1 - France: 0
Zzzzzzz....  Germany got the goal they needed early and forced France to beat them, which they couldn't do.

Brazil: 2 - Colombia: 1
The ref lost complete control of this one, to Brazil's general advantage though Neymar paid the highest price.  That injury doesn't happen IMO if the ref cracks down on the hard tackles early.  I'm not sure the result is different with a different ref but at least its a real game of soccer.  Well, Brazil has the excuse they need now as the way they've been playing they weren't going to win it all.

Argentina: 1 - Belgium: 0
Where was this Belgium side on Tuesday?  This Belgium side we might have beat.  I'm surprised Argentina never found a second but based on their play I think their the favorite right now.

Netherlands: 0 (4) - Costa Rica: 0 (3)
The Ticos went out with heads held high in this one.  They've earned everyone's respect.  And they added to the legend of CONCACAF goalkeeping at this World Cup, if the Best XI goalkeeper isn't from CONCACF it will be a travesty.  Louis van Gaal's gamble of switching keepers paid off in the shootout.

Germany - Brazil - A weakened Brazil side won't hold up to Germany and the hopes of putting 1950 to rest will be dashed.

Argentina - Netherlands - Messi will lead the Argentines to the World Cup final and take his place along-side Maradona in the fan's eyes.

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