Monday, July 7, 2014

Rapids Fizzle Against The Crew

In front of a great crowd the Rapids shot themselves in the foot and gave away 2 points Friday night.  A lackluster performance from the burgundy boys led to the Crew having the greater control of the match and getting out of town with a draw.  For the most part the Rapids didn't play poorly, they just played very uninspired which allowed a critical error by Dillon Powers and Jared Watts to cost the team the result.

The Rapids got a number of breaks from the officials as well.  Before Colorado got its goal a Crew goal was waved off for offside but the replay shows that Arrieta was probably behind the ball at the moment it was played and it was likely a bad call.  Then after the score was leveled at 1 a loose ball in the Rapids box ended with Sanchez planting his foot into Jimenez's knee but only resulted in a yellow card.  I didn't get a good look but those who did said we can expect an announcement from the Disciplinary Committee later this week of a suspension for Sanchez.  Even Moor's yellow could have been a red with the right (wrong) official.

My strategic consideration was to use the crowd but the team seemed to feed more off the crowd last week against Vancouver than the capacity crowd Friday night.
  • Bad night from Powers capped off with a horrible backpass to nobody that set up the Crew goal.  Everyone's allowed a bad night but that backpass was really unforgivable.
  • Watts had a chance to clear the backpass but he admitted after the game that he got caught in a moment of indecision and ended up touching it right on to Finlay's foot.  One of those things that shows that he's a rookie still learning the pro game.
  • The Rapids goal has been officially classified as an own goal, but it was all through the pressure of Sanchez.
  • That will probably be the last one we see for a couple of games once the DisCo gets through with him.
  • Nice to see the lineup consistency from game to game.
  • I also think Pablo did a good job with the subs.  He pulled Hill, who was ineffective, to insert some energy in Serna.  Then he put in Buddle to help hold up the ball and brought off Brown who was having a hard time with his first touch.  Finally, after the Crew leveled, he pulled the struggling Powers for Hairston.  The only other possible move would have been Torres.
  • Buddle actually had a pretty good game.  Good touches, good vision, he just didn't find #100.
  • Only 2 shots on goal all game isn't good enough.
  • This loss is more on the players than the coaching.  They were just too flat and the Crew took advantage.
Man of the Match: Clint Irwin.  Kept us in the match as things fell apart in the second half.  One of his saves is up for Save of the Week.

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