Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Round Of 16 - Complete

PaySimple today in the 1st half

France: 2 - Nigeria: 0
One of the more solid performances in the Round of 16 by France.  It took them until the last 15 or so to score but you could tell the goal was coming eventually.

Germany: 2 - Algeria: 1
Germany could have saved itself 30 minutes of play if it had scored 90 seconds before the start of extra time instead of 90 seconds after.  And then when they thought they had the game put away Algeria came back with a goal to make it interesting.  Hat tip to Algeria for going toe-to-toe with Germany and almost forcing penalty kicks.  A better performance than anyone expected.

Argentina: 1 - Switzerland: 0
Messi and company left it very late (end of extra time) but got the job done as expected.  The Swiss put up a good fight but it only take a minute for Messi to break your heart.

Belgium: 2 - United States: 1
Ouch.  I predicted the U.S. would keep it close but lose, and that's what they did.  Belgium was clearly the better team but Howard set a World Cup record for saves and kept us in the game and Wondolowski had a chance to win it at the death only to shank it.  What a way to get yourself cap-tied though Green.  first career touch in the World Cup is a goal?  Nicely done.

Germany - France - Hmm, you think these two teams have some history?  Germany gets the win but France pushes them to the end.

Argentina - Belgium - Argentina gets an outmatched Belgium team and what should be a somewhat easy path to the semifinals.

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Alex Thompson said...

The best quarter final match would be between Germany and France. The game between these two teams would be close and would be exciting to watch.