Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cronin An All-Star, Moor A LEGO Clone

Due to injury Pablo had to name five replacements to tomorrow night's gameday roster.  One of the players he picked was Sam Cronin.  I'm not sure Cornin is the player that comes to mind from the Rapids that deserves to be the next All-Star, but I suppose it had to be somebody available and rested.  My choices would have been Powers or Torres.

Also today I found out that OYO Sports.makers of LEGO-like figures for all the pro leagues, has finally gotten around to making MLS player figures.  Earlier in the year they started by making MLS fans figures but they've now moved on to players.  I found out due to somebody tweeting a picture of a Drew Moor All-Star figure.  That one isn't available on-line but I hope to find one tomorrow at the ASG HQ downtown.  They do have the following Rapids players though, Irwin, Moor, Doyle, Cronin, Powers, Sarvas, and O'Neill.  They also have the Rapids fan and Edson the Eagle.

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