Monday, July 6, 2015

Rapids Manage To Score Twice And Win!

Amazing what happens when you commit more than one player to the attack!  That looked like real professional soccer out there and it got results.  A great early start, a good enough defense, and a bit of a lucky spin and the Rapids have 3 points and their 3rd win of the year.

General impressions:
  • Great start from Solignac and Sanchez.  Hard to start a game better than that.
  • Carli Lloyd sure showed there's a way to start better though!
  • I was excited to see the 4-3-3 lineup but it really was the same 4-2-3-1 we've been seeing.  Solignac and Sanchez were just more committed to getting into the attack.
  • It worked his week but I still don't like seeing 3 holding/dmids out there at once.  Hopefully it was just due to the short rest week.
  • Backline of Riley - Burling - Watts - Moor.  Pablo, stop this.  Use your players responsibly.
  • The Vancouver goal was just a mess.  Moor appeared to not know where to be on the throw-in (lack of experience at LB?), Irwin lost track of his  position and Riley..  Well Riley was just ball watching.
  • Great snap header from Doyle on the winning goal.  Textbook.
  • We got a little luck on the bounce off the post.  The ball was spinning towards the goal instead of away.  Given how much bad luck we've had this season though its about time some went our way.
  • Late in the game Watts cleared a ball onto the roof of the East side.  First time that's ever happened as far as I know.  I've been waiting to see a player put the ball onto the concourse on the fly and haven't seen it yet.  Of course this happens at the game I'm not at. ;)
  • Bravo was reportedly watching from the bench this game.  I'm not sure what that means.
  • We now need to play at 1.75 pts/game the rest of the way to even think about the playoffs.
  • In the 5 games against Dallas and Vancouver the Rapids have 9 goals and 11 points.  In the other 13 league matches they have 5 goals and 7 points.
  • Including the USOC we've scored more than 1 goal 3 times this season.  We've won all 3 games.  In the 17 other league and USOC games we've scored 0 or 1 goals.  We've won 1 of those games.
Man of the Match: Kevin Doyle.  Being played in his natural position with full support around him showed hints of what we were hoping to get by signing him as a DP.  He also got the game-winning goal.

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