Monday, July 13, 2015

Suck It Utah!!!

That was a long time coming.  80 minutes of continued dreck followed by the most exciting 10 minutes in about a year led to a big win and an important lead in the Rocky Mountain Cup.

General impressions:
  • Impressive tifo from C38.  I liked the opening game's Viking theme better but this was well done.
  • That was, sadly, the high point of the game for the first 80 minutes.  This was the same uninspired play we've been seeing all season.  The team went back to the individual play we've seen most of the year, no support in the attack, etc.
  • The FSL goal was James Riley getting worked.  It starts with him missing a header, then letting Morales run past him, then getting caught ball watching in the middle of the box while Jaime slips behind him unmarked.
  • Drew is good for about 3 of those goals a year.  Glad to see him get one in this match.
  • The red card on Jaime was legit if a bit lucky (for us).  Jaime wasn't targeting Moor's head but he got it,  which makes it red.
  • I'll admit it, I was calling for Powers to replace Watts once FSL went down a man.  Oops.
  • Watts, right time, right place.  Eloundou did the work on that one.
  • For the last few minutes we ere of course chanting "blow the whistle!" .... until Ramirez got the ball with a open net 60 yards away. Then we were really glad the ref didn't blow the whistle.
  • That gives the Rapids a 2 goal lead in the RMC with the final game at home the first Sunday of October.
  • Pittinari was very bad in this game.  Just horrible.
  • Burling's yellow means he's suspended for the next game.
  • Irwin didn't have to do much, but he came up with 2 big saves when he needed to.
  • Solignac pulled his hammy, it happened right in front of us.  Best forced change t aht could have happened with the way Eloundou played.
  • Eloundou did have a poor play late.  With acres of space and up 2-1 with a couple of minutes left he should have gone to the corner.  Instead he cut inside, took the shot, and FSL went down the field and forced a huge save to protect the lead out of Irwin.  Very lucky that decision didn't cost us.
  • Drew Moor was named MOTM at the stadium and I almost picked him myself.  Great goal and he was pushing the team forward late.
  • Hat tip to the woman wearing a Cameroon Nats jersey in 108.  Good timing with how Eloundou played.  I though tI was the only one in C38 who owned that jersey!
  • Rapids against Dallas, Vancouver, and Salt Lake: 4 wins, 0 losses, 15 points, 12 goals, +8 GD in 7 games
  • Rapids against the rest of the league: 0 wins, 6 losses, 6 points, 5 goals, -9 GD in 12 games
  • The Bodmer Line is now at 1/66 pts/game the rest of the way to even think about a playoff spot
Man of the Match: Charles Eloundou.  Easy choice once I reviewed the highlights:
  • Won the corner that led to the first goal
  • Sent in the corner in a perfect spot for Moor to head in (1 assist)
  • Beat Gil to send in the cross that started the second goal sequence
  • Ran past Gil to get the loose ball and put a shot off the post that Watts finished (no official assist)
  • Flicked the ball into open space that Ramirez ran onto for the third goal (1 assist)

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