Saturday, July 18, 2015

Drew Moor, All-Star!

At halftime of the beatdown the putting on Cuba Pablo's selections for the All-Star Game roster were announced.  As expected there was 1 and only 1 Rapid on it, (former) captain Drew Moor.

Lets be honest, with our play this year we probably didn't deserve to have anyone on the All-Star roster.  The only exception would be Clint Irwin but since there's only 2 GKs on the ASG roster its hard to justify picking him over FSL's Rimando or Vancouver's Ousted.   I'm sure though that both Mastroeni and the league wanted to put a Rapid on the roster to give us local fans somebody to root for.  Drew is a great choice if Irwin is not eligible and I have no problem with his selection.

This is the first Rapid All-Star since Omar Cummings in 2011.  Prior to that the only years we didn't have an All-Star were 1996 and 2003.

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