Friday, July 31, 2015

Will The Stars Be Out Under The Blue Moon?

Technically the blue moon is tonight but close enough

The Galaxy is in town tomorrow night but the question is, are their stars with them?  dos Santos won't be announced until next week and Keane and Gerrard both had to back out of the All-Star Game earlier in the week with injuries.  There was talk in the last couple of days that they may not be ready for tomorrow night but they don't appear on the injury report.  LA got in trouble a few years ago pulling the same trick during a Colorado road trip, leaving Beckham at home while never confirming his status, we'll see if they're trying the same thing again.  Game time tomorrow is at 7 so tailgate is at 4.  Those who can't make it can watch 'Celo and Fleming call the game on Altitude.

Injury Report:
OUT: M Lucas Pittinari
QUESTIONABLE: D Axel Sjoberg (knee); M Dillon Serna (back); F Luis Solignac (hamstring)

ONE YELLOW FROM SUSPENSION: D Jared Watts (1 game left for good behavior reduction); M Lucas Pittinari (3 games left for good behavior reduction)
TWO YELLOWS FROM SUSPENSION: D Drew Moor; D James Riley; D Axel Sjoberg; M Sam Cronin; 

LA has one player out and 5 questionable (including as mentioned Keane and Gerrard).  Reports from training say that Serna and Solignac are ready to go, less information about Sjoberg.  My guess at the XI:

More of the "If it ain't broke..." mentality.  now that's not what I want to see, but its what I expect.  I'm afraid a Watts-Burling pairing is going to get shredded by Gerrard and Keane if they play.

Strategic Consideration: Take them out of the game early.  The Galaxy are a Jekyll and Hyde team between home and road.  If we can get it in their heads that they're struggling on the road again maybe we can keep them from ever getting started.

Prediction: 1-1 draw, goal by Doyle if Keane and Gerrard don't play, 2-1 loss if they do.  LA is a good team when they're firing but a point is there for the taking if they fizzle out.  Their backups are a better chance for than then their stars.

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