Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Front Office Changes

A couple of leadership rumors out of Commerce City today:

First, confirmation of how the Rapids are filling the void left by Bravo's departure:
With Paul Bravo out, Padraig Smith is now running point for Rapids' tech staff ahead of draft, Mastroeni and club spokesman confirm.
This is not a surprise, I think most people figured this was the case.  Now is this a permanent change or do the Rapids still plan to fill the Technical Director position from outside the organization?

The second rumor is a little more surprising:
Hearing that John Spencer has left . Heard further rumblings that he might be San Jose bound.
 To provide more context, Spencer assisted Kinnear when the 2 were in Houston. If he joins , I suspect it will b in similar capacity
As reported by , John Spencer has left Rapids. Conor Casey is here with the club, looks like he'll fill assistant vacancy.
That's the 3rd assistant coach in 3 seasons under Pablo to leave their coaching post.  John Metgod left midway through the 2014 season, Claudio Lopez went back into the Front Office after the 2015 season, and now John Spencer has apparently left after the 2016 season to join San Jose.  There are reasonable explanations for all of these (Metgod didn't fit, Lopez never wanted to be a coach, and Spencer is rejoining his mentor) but its a bit distressing to see that much turnover in a spot that was (at least for the last two) brought in specifically to fix the attacking issues the team has.  Consistency would probably help with that process.  The possibility that there's something we don't  know that links these moves together (people can't work with Pablo, FO doesn't pay enough, etc.) is even more concerning, though also less likely.

The Conor Casey part of the news is an interesting surprise.  When he left the Rapids after the 2012 season it was a well-known rumor that he was unhappy with team leadership.  He also infamously stormed off the training pitch after getting into a verbal altercation with Gary Smith right after the 2011 season ended.  I'm glad to see that whatever issues that there may have been between him and the leadership have been solved.  Given what has been rumored I think his issues were more with the coaching staff (Smith and Pareja) than the front office leadership.  I didn't know he was interested in coaching but seeing what he brings to the team will be something to watch for.

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