Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rapids "Lose" A Draft Pick Today

Last month a number of rapids fans (including me) thought the Rapids would have two first round picks in next week's Superdraft.  After trading our pick to New England last offseason for Jermaine Jones we got LA's first round pick when we sent JJ to them.  We also had a first-round pick from Toronto in the Clint Irwin trade.  Well, we had a conditional pick and today we found out the conditions weren't met.

It turns out that there were two conditions to get the pick.  The first was that Toronto had to make at least the conference semis in the playoffs (final 8).  Since they made it to MLS Cup that was achieved.  The second was that Irwin play in 75% (26 games) of regular season games.  He played in 19 due to the quadriceps injury that kept him sidelines for almost 3 months.  Because fo that TFC gets to keep their draft pick.

So as of right now going into Wednesday's draft we hold the following picks:

#15 (Round 1) - Acquired from LA for Jermaine Jones
#24 (Round 2) - Acquired from Atlanta for an international spot through 2018
#45 (Round 3) - Acquired from Minnesota for Joseph Greenspan
#86 (Round 4) - Natural pick

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