Saturday, March 5, 2016

2016 Salary Cap Estimation

I just did a rough look at our salary cap situation. The 2016 cap is $3.66 million. I took a guess at who our top 18 senior players would be, including Howard. I charged the full max amount for Howard, Gashi, Jones, and Doyle of $457.5K. I also charged $215K for Sarvas as that's what we're rumored to be picking up for him. I used last year's compensation for everyone else but Pappa (who I bumped from 80K to 225K). Williams I have no idea on so I left him blank. That put us at just over $3.7 million this year.

So that's close enough to leave us plenty of wiggle room on who is counted as a senior player, how we apply allocation money, etc. Also Howard's hit this year goes down to $228.75K if he joins in July, freeing up $228.75K of salary cap which would put us under.

My expectation is that we're pretty much done with senior players other than Howard. Spots 27 and 28 will probably be off book players or a cheap senior player.  Castillo (most likely off-book) and Keel ($60K last year) could be those players.

Players I used in the 18: Azira, Berner, Burch, Burling, Cronin, K.Doyle, Gashi, Hairston, Howard, Jones, MacMath, Pappa, Pfeffer, Powers, Sjoberg, Solignac, St. Ledger, Williams.

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