Monday, March 14, 2016

Who's Your Daddy?

Pappa. Pappa's your daddy LA.  In a game where the Rapids were the better team but not much happened we finally got the break we needed at the last possible moment.  Almost literally with the final kick of the game (LA kicked off and booted it deep afterwards) Pappa scored the only goal in Colorado's first win of the season.

General Impressions:
  • Great goal from Pappa.  If Amarikwa hadn't had a goal of the year candidate for San Jose on Sunday Pappa's would be goal of the week IMO.
  • It was good to see the aggression from the Rapids.  We didn't win on a lucky shot, we had numerous good opportunities and scored one.
  • LA beat DC (our next opponent) 4-1 last week.  This week they had 1 shot on target.  Nice job by a makeshift defense.
  • I really liked Williams, though he's clearly naturally left-footed and should be playing left back.  He and Miller should be our fullbacks.
  • Watts had a solid game.  I still don't think he should be starting but no complaints from this game.
  • Azira had a good game but it wasn't man of the match.  Even without Pappa's goal.  I assume it wasn't Pappa as they had already decided on Azira and couldn't change the graphic in time.
  • Speaking of which, it would have been nice for DSG to have actually fixed the broken pixels in the viewscreen during the offseason.
  • Gashi was my pre-goal man of the match.  Much better touch this week and a good save and a bit of inaccuracy is all that kept him off the scoreboard.
  • Hey,, Dillon Serna is on this team!
  • LA was more whiny than usual.  Clerlay by the 60th minute they said "0-0, yeah, we can live with that" and tried to whine and time-waste their way through the last 30 minutes.
  • That was continued in Arena's post-game quotes where he whined about the stoppage time.
  • That said, Doyle's yellow card was incredibly stupid.  Yeah Rowe was wasting time but that shove let Rowe dive, waste time, and force a unnecessary yellow on Doyle.  Based on last year's pace that yellow could be the difference between missing a game due to suspension this year or not.
  • The green warm-up tops were great, though it should have been the whole team in them, not just the starters.  I will enjoy wearing the version season-ticket holders were able to buy.
  • Loved seeing Rapidman again!  He showed up in the second half, we scored, we won.  I'm just saying.
Man of the Match: Marco Pappa.  I mean, duh.

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