Monday, March 21, 2016

Rapids Get A Point From A Dire Game

Ugly game, ugly result.  A good corner from Pappa was undone by a bad goalkeeping blunder by MacMath, resulting in a 1-1 draw.  I said it my preview a draw wouldn't surprise me and it doesn't, but the poor quality of play and how we surrendered the tying goal did.  A game where a draw was probably a fair result but it feels like two dropped points by Colorado.

General Impressions:
  • Nice corner from Pappa and good header by Powers.  It would be nice to be a regular threat on corners, its been a while since we could say that.
  • Horrible drop by MacMath to set up the DC goal.  He had a player near him but a GK has to make that catch.  On the day Howard was announced as well, he'll want to forget everything.
  • There's a clip going around twitter that shows 6-7 midfield turnovers combined by both teams in a 45 second period.  That's what type of game it was.
  • This game looked a lot like the 2014/15 Rapids, especially in the first half.  Long balls hoping that Doyle would get on the end of them, clearances to nowhere, etc.  Its not hard to look at this game and think nothing's really chanced offensively.
  • Perfect stat to encompass that, the only shot on goal Colorado had was the goal.  DC had 6 (and outshot us 19-8).
  • Not that our defense was particularly good, its just that DC's attack sucked.
  • Watts took a big regression back to last year.  His passing map for this one is....not good.
  • Sjoberg had some good clearances but otherwise was pretty much a non-factor.
  • I don't understand why Burch is even starting, he didn' show anything that he deserves to play over Miller.
  • Of course the real question mark in the starting XI was Badji.  I don't see how Pablo can justify starting him against Toronto after his game.  He was easily the worst Rapid on the field.
  • Pappa hustled and wanted to make something happen.  He finally did on the corner but he can't do it alone.
  • Powers tried but really suffers from being pushed forward.  Either we need to play him further back where he can distribute without as much pressure (something he's good at) or he needs to sit.  I prefer the former idea.
  • Azira is a much more capable player than I feared given his background.
  • Doyle was more active in this one but isn't full there yet it seems.  He did miss 2-3 crosses by just a inch or two.  I still think he needs more support.
  • Tied with two points there for the taking and Pablo uses one of this three subs.  That puts us at five of a possible nine subs used this season despite leading for a grand total of about 11 minutes this season.  Coaching skills do not seem to have improved in the offseason.
  • 4 points in the first 3 games keeps us on that 12 points in the first 9 games minimum pace I think Pablo needs to keep his job.  It does not get us into the playoffs though.
  • There are a number of fans online who seem pleased with getting 4 points out of March.  That's a sign of how far the bar has been lowered by Rapids fandom.  This hasn't been a good month for results, its been barely adequate.
Man of the Match: Mekeil Williams.  The only defender to play well yesterday.  He's put in tow good games and I have my hopes the Rapids have found a hidden gem in him.  He left after the game to join Trindad & Tobago's national team so that makes 6 players heading out on National team duties this break.

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