Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Roster News and Notes

Cleaning up a few rumors and news items around the roster.
If accurate that makes me like this deal even more.  Jones is nearing the end of his career and as much as I like him I didn't want to be on the hook for him for more than a year or two.  This allows him to show what he still has for a year and clear that suspension and it allows the Rapids a PR boost in signing him and some quality minutes from a good player.  Then at the end of the year if he's shown he still has it then we, or another team, can make him a new offer.  I predict that Jones wanted a 1 year deal as well to be available to be signed for the inaugural season of LAFC.  Its well known that he wanted to be closer to his family in LA.  If I had to bet money that's where I would expect him to play in 2017.
  • Stephen Keel apparently is doing media for MLS, based on this Twitter.
Guess that means he didn't make the Rapids roster.  That surprises me.
  • The Post's Daniel Boniface tweets that Dennis Castillo and brad Spencer are still with the team
I still expect Castillo to be signed, surprised it hasn't happened yet.  I wouldn't read too much into Spencer still being here, given that he's John's son.  We may be interested in signing him or he may just be taking advantage of access to keep sharp while he looks for other options.
  • All quiet on the Tim Howard front.
My guess is that they want to ride the PR wave of the Jones signing and opening week for a bit longer, then we'll start hearing about Howard again.

If we assume Howard and Castillo will be signed we still have one open roster spot.  There's really no rumors out there about any signing coming soon so we'll have to see what happens.

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