Friday, March 18, 2016

TransAmerica Extends Sponsorship

Tonight the Rapids announced that TransAmerica has extended their jersey sponsorship for another 3 seasons, through the 2019 season.  One of the key components of signing players like Jermaine Jones and (possibly) Tim Howard is the sponsorship dollars they bring in.  I doubt the Rapids would look at extending their contract until they knew hey could get full value out of those signings so I take this as a good sign that the deal to use the #1 allocation spot is all but done and they're just waiting to announce it until the time is right.  If I had to bet Tim Howard has agreed to a contract and they're just negotiating a release date with Everton, and waiting for the Opening Week hype to die down, before they announce it.

Another interesting note from this announcement.  Last May when the TransAmerica sponsorship was first unveiled the official quoted in the announcement was the CMO of the Investments and Retirements division, who was based here in Denver.  I've heard rumors that the sponsorship was mainly driven by the new Denver office wanting to get some local promotion for their Colorado expansion.  Today's announcement quotes TransAmerica's Chief Marketing Officer, listed by Bloomberg as one of the company's key executives.  That's probably a good sign that this sponsorship has grown from a local Denver deal to something more supported by the company as a whole (and presumably, with greater financial backing).

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