Thursday, March 17, 2016

Callup and Suspension

Some surprise news today as Michael Azira got his first ever callup for Uganda.  They play Burkina Faso in back to back World Cup Qualifiers during this international break.  Add him to the list with Kevin Doyle and Pappa.

A less enjoyable surprise also was revealed today.  Gashi is suspended for Sunday's game in DC.  As you can see from the video in the link he's suspended because he entered the field to celebrate Pappa's goal at the end of Saturday's match.  The suspension is technically correct but its a weak call from the MLS Disciplinary Committee.  "No harm no foul" seems to apply here.  I don't remember any of the subs from the U.S. who piled on Donovan at the end of the Algeria game in 2010 being suspended.

Again the DisCo has set a standard and we have to see if they live up to it.  My guess is they won't, but that's typical.  The only thing consistent about the DisCo is their inconsistency.

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Super Max said...

I would say the DisCo have been consistently excessive when comes to the Rapids. Rapids players always get the maximum suspension. Nothing is ever overlooked. Not so for other teams. I seriously doubt there would have been a suspension if it had been a star player on LA, Seattle, New York... that entered the field. That has always been their consistent standard.