Monday, March 7, 2016

New Year, Same Result

For the third time in four years the Rapids were held scoreless in their season opener.  That, combined with a minute if inattentiveness, is all that was needed to end up with a loss to start the season.  The scorelines was a bit unfair to Colorado, who seemed to be the better team overall.  We probably deserved a draw based on our play but we're way past time for morale victories.  There was at least a point to be had yesterday and we came away with nothing.

General Impressions:
  • The goal was due to the team waiting an extra minute mentally to come out of the halftime locker room.
  • That said, Watts put everyone in a bad position by chasing Amarikwa around instead of sticking to his position.  That, combined with Sjoberg being caught in no-man's land and beaten by a great pass was all that was needed.
  • Our tow best looks were a Miller bomb that Bingham had to tip over the bar and a Pappa header that was deflected off the post.  Good start for the new guys.
  • Watts even starting was a surprise, as was Hairston.  No official word but talk is that both Burling and Williams had knocks they couldn't shake off.
  • Miller looked the best of our new players and Pappa looked decent in his few minutes.  The sooner he's starting and sending Watts/Azira to the bench the better.
  • Gashi struggled in his debut.  I liked how involved he was but his touch failed him.
  • I wasn't that impressed with Azira either.  Hopefully his start was only due to injury.
  • MacMath couldn't do much about the goal.  Irwin wouldn't have been able to either.
  • I liked the overlapping runs from Miller and Hairston.  We didn't see that last year.
  • Hairston though isn't at this level yet.
  • Watts got burned badly by misplaying Amarikwa in the first half.  Came up with a gorgeous tackle to recover but he shouldn't have let it get to that point.
  • Despite the two mistakes Watts actually looked better than last year.
  • Badji shouldn't be starting a MLS game, I'm not sure he should even be playing in one at this point.
  • Looks like the primary strategy was to hit it long to Doyle and let him run onto it.  Too bad SJ's primary strategy as to let Wynne shadow Doyle.  There's no ball Doyle is going to beat Wynne to.
  • Generally the coaching was what we saw last year.  General ideas but a lack of a true plan.
  • Down 1 we don't use our third sub for Serna or Conor Doyle.  Pablo being Pablo.
Man of the Match: Dillon Powers.  The offseason training and fitness regime served him well.  He looked good running the offense.

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Jester said...

Go back and watch the goal again. Right as Quintero crosses the ball, Miller ducks out of the way. I'm not sure if he was afraid of taking it in the face or what, but if he keeps his head up that cross probably doesn't reach Wondo. At least that was my take. Other than that I didn't see a whole lot different from last year. I think I've come around to your way of thinking about Mastroeni. Not that I think Spencer is a better option. We should probably go out and hire Kreis before Salt Lake decides Cassar isn't up to the challenge either.