Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Suite Win For The Rapids

Me in a Rapids suite last night

After the last 270 minutes of Rapids games I'm glad I watched the last 90 in a bit of luxury.  A big thank you to C38, the Rapids, and InBev for working out a donation of the InBev suite to the C38 tailgate crew last night.  It was nice to see how the upper crust lives and we all had a good time seeing the game from a new perspective.

The game though, ugh.  That was two teams that were having a hard time just stringing passes together, much less play entertaining soccer.  The Rapids did match their shots on target of the last two games combined, but that was only 4 total.  At least they scored two of them.

A pretty goal from the Irish duo of St. Ledger and Doyle for the win.  There were some raised eyebrows when we signed St. Ledger (including mine), picking up a guy who got cut from one of the worst defenses in the league, but he's played very well after he got in sync with his new teammates.

The Rapids PK might have been soft but I haven't seen a good look at it.  The Houston PK was very clear though.  Was the ball out on the final goal?  Impossible for me to tell.  If the ref had flagged it out I couldn't say he was wrong but  can't say he's wrong by not flagging it.

The Bodmer Line is now down to 1.78 - 2.0 pts/game.

Man of the Match: Vicente Sanchez.  Earlier in the season I thought he wasn't on the same page as the team as was trying to do too much, which was hurting us.  Now that the team seems to have devolved to more individualistic play Sanchez's strengths are helping us.  He was the most dangerous player we had last night.

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