Thursday, August 6, 2015

So...That Whole Transfer Window Thing...

At 3pm Denver time the transfer and trade window closed.  The Rapids moves in this window are listed below.

Did anyone in Commerce City know the window was open?  Do they know the summer window exists?  I ask because here's our list of moves in last year's mid-season transfer window.

Well, at least we're consistent.  This team is an tie with San Jose for the worst team in the league since the start of the 2014 season and in two of the three transfer windows since last season started we've done exactly nothing.

Its very obvious that the Rapids Front Office cares exactly 0 about results, despite their protests to the contrary.  If they actually cared they would have done, you know, anything to improve but they did nothing.

Technically Colorado could be working on a deal still, all that had to happen by 3pm was the submitting of the ITC request to FIFA.  They could work out the last details of a deal still and announce it in the coming days.  In reality though, with essentially no rumors out there, I'm assuming the Rapids are doing nothing.

This year, under the new CBA, the trade window also closed at 3pm.  No intraleague trades can happen until after the season now.  The only way to change the roster between now and the roster freeze deadline on Sept. 15th is to sign out-of-contract players.

Oh, and one final depressing note:

2014 through 21 games: 30 points
2015 through 21 games: 24 points

We were actually a better team last year at this point of the season than we are this year.

We've got 6 games to earn more than 6 points to pass last year's team

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