Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fan Forum Wrap-Up

You might remember a similar post from last year and after today's Fan Forum it seemed relevant to update it for anther year, sadly.  The definite feel I got from the forum was one of "We're still working hard and we have a long-term plan so if this year doesn't work out keep having faith in us".  Unfortunately we've heard the same thing for over 18 months and there's no evidence we're making that promised progress.

A few specific reactions to what was said:

  • This was actually something my wife said as she was listening while I was typing.  Tim Hinchey said that teams don't have to spend the most to win and my wife said "No, but they have to work harder then".  This FO doesn't not give off the impression they're working harder to make up for the lack of spending.
  • Paul Bravo using Peyton Manning as an example of a top player Denver was able to get is laughable.  First, the Broncos still haven't won anything yet (Go Hawks!), secondly Manning didn't come here because he loved Red Rocks, he came here because the Broncos are a quality organization that were in position to win (until they ran into the Legion of Boom).  The Rapids are neither of those things right now.
  • Tim claiming that we've shown this season we can beat any team in the league.  The 4 teams (that's all, just 4) teams we've beaten this year are 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 8th in the West.  Meanwhile we've lost to the other 3 playoff teams in the West and 2 of the playoff teams in the East (we haven't played 3 of them).  That doesn't look like we've shown we can beat most good teams.
  • Paul using opposing players as a reason to come to games is borderline insulting.  I don't come to games to root for the opposing team.  I can't imagine that's the selling point the Rapids want out there.
  • The answer to my question sucked, namely because I was directing it at the comments Tim and Paul made at the Celtic last year and they let Pablo answer the question.  Its pretty clear what needs to change isn't just what's happening in the 90 minutes of game time, which is what Pablo spoke to, but also how this organization works.
  • Secondly Pablo's whole "building from the back" strategy clearing isn't working.  Under a 4-5-1 we played very solid in the back, but couldn't score.  We've switched to a 4-3-3 and now we're scoring more, but we can't hold a lead.  Clearly something in the on-field strategy as well in the off-field strategy needs to change.
  • The idea that the playoffs are still a reasonable goal this year is ridiculous.  This team needs to play at almost 2 pts/game to even have a shot and they're barely over 1 point a game.
  • Interesting that Pablo might go to Arsenal this offseason when at the Celtic it was already confirmed, but never happened.
  • Once again, the well-worn refrain of "being really close on big signings" is trotted out.  More on this in a future post soon.
  • Very disappointing to see Paul Bravo downplay the importance of results this season, calling the final season results a small piece of the puzzle in evaluating staff after the season.  I understand that it can't just be about wins and losses but after being tied for the worst team over the last season and a half I'd like to hear more responsibility for those results.
As to not end on a totally negative note there were two things I did like hearing:
  • Tim admitting they dropped the ball not using the transfer window last season. Fairly obvious, but good to actually hear him admit it. It shows that they do recognize it was a major mistake.
  • Sam Cronin saying that he can do better both personally and as captain with acknowledging the fans after every game, not just a win. He mentioned it at least twice as it came up in questioning and it felt to me that he was actually genuine in realizing they weren't doing a good job and he was going to make a real effort to do better the rest of the season.
All in all though, this was largely a replay of the Celtic last season.  Not a shock but there was part of me that was hoping we might hear something more than the same excuses again.

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