Friday, August 21, 2015

Um, Shots Fired?

So if you remember from yesterday there were tweets about our style of play:
Hinchey says the gripe about not playing attacking soccer is very legit and a big problem. the style is in effect throughout academy...
...but with Pablo it has been a struggle to establish it in the senior team.
Pablo still a work in progress, biggest issue according to Hinchey is that the team isn't playing the style of soccer they're striving to. 
this seemed like a big deal to Hinchey, he was really frustrated about it. not sure Pablo can get it done.
Pablo responds by playing all defenders.
i brought this up. Hinchey said the SJ game was especially frustrating. sounds like disconnect between Bravo/Pablo

Well today's article about the Rapids, where injuries are partially blamed for our lack of scoring (HA!), included this quote from Pablo at the end:

Said Mastroeni: “At this point, we’re not in a beauty contest anymore. Only the hungry man will critique a meal. The guy that’s starving will eat anything you give him.”
Maybe I'm reading too much into that, but that sure seems like a shot fired across Hinchey's bow.  Essentially Pablo is saying style doesn't matter, its just a matter of winning.  Generally I agree with him but after 2+ years of his bosses beating the style drum its interesting that Pablo would say that.

I said yesterday that there appears to be a lot of disfunction between Hinchey, Bravo, and Mastroeni.  This only reinforces the feeling.

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