Friday, August 28, 2015

Rapids Hoping To Leave KC Sad

She's even SporKC's blue

Back at it right away tomorrow with a 2 game win streak.  And unlike when we were in KC earlier this year I'm sure we'll get the game in this weekend.  The SporKCs are on a bit of a down swing at the moment but overall they're still one of the best teams in the conference so this will be a tough match.  Game time is at 7 so the tailgate, featuring gyros, will be at 4.  'Celo and Fleming will have the call on Altitude.

Injury Report:
OUT: D Jared Watts; F Luis Solignac (hamstring)
QUESTIONABLE: D Joseph Greenspan (back); D James Riley (concussion); M Lucas Pittinari (hamstring)

SUSPENDED: D Bobby Burling (yellow card accumulation)
ONE YELLOW FROM SUSPENSION: D Axel Sjoberg (3 games left for good behavior reduction); D Drew Moor (2 games left for good behavior reduction); D Jared Watts; M Lucas Pittinari (3 games left for good behavior reduction)
TWO YELLOWS FROM SUSPENSION: D James Riley; M Sam Cronin; F Kevin Doyle

KC has 7 players questionable or worse, which is part of the reason they're  in this slump.  The Rapids are fairly healthy though the third game in a week means everyone is a bit tired.  My guess at the XI: 

This seems to be the best mix of rested/young players and quality to give  us a chance.

Strategic Consideration: Play something approaching MLS-level recognizable soccer?  KC isn't the bottom of the league teams like Chicago and Houston we've been playing.  They may be in a slump but they're a lot better than we've seen the last couple of weeks.

Prediction: 2-1 loss, goal by Doyle.  Short rest against a good team?  I don't have much hope.  Doyle gets on a bit of a role but our poor possession and attack in the final third burns us and KC gets the win.

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