Monday, August 10, 2015

That's It, They've Sapped My Will To Do This

I can't do a regular game recap this week, its just not in me.  A team that starts 4 CB's, a LB, and 2 defensive/holding mids and can't hold a 1 goal lead in the second half is a team that is just plain broken.  There's really not more you can say.  I twas almost understandable last week when you're facing Keane, Gerrard, Zardes, etc.  Its not acceptable when the only dangerous player is Kamara, you still can't mark him, and he gets 2 goals and a couple of crossbars.  Then afterwards the head coach claims we did "just what we wanted" against him.  Either this leadership is completely clueless or they think we are and they can make ridiculous statements like that and we won't notice.

Per SportsClubStats the Rapids now have the lowest chance of making the playoffs in the league, with a Bodmer Line of 1.83-1.91 pts/game.

Man of the Match: no idea.  I'm taking votes from you guys reading this,  Let me know who you think should be MotM in the comments.

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