Monday, August 31, 2015

Rapids Stick A Spork In KC

Wow, who were those guys and can we keep them?  For the first time in a while the Rapids played good soccer for 90  minutes and were somewhat entertaining to watch.  Amazing what you can do when you start XI people in pretty much their natural positions and you put 4-5 attacking players on the field at once!

General Impressions:

  • That was one of the better atmospheres at the Dick we've had this season.  I think only the FSL game (which was 80 minutes of bad soccer wiped away by a 2 goal rivalry win) was better.
  • Hello Vicente Sanchez!  I don't know how long he can keep it up, but he was on fire this week.
  • Our defense was mainly solid but had a couple of bobbles.  The central defenders got worked on the KC goal and both Sjoberg and Moor are now suspended due to yellow card accumulation.
  • Sarvas was a bit invisible, yet MLS named him to t he Team of the Week.  I don't know if I missed something or they did.
  • Clint Irwin, save(s) of the week easily.  I thought we had blown the lead there.
  • Great goal for Figueroa and overall solid play.  Very impressed by him Saturday night.
  • I was questioning the Badji sub but it worked out.  I fully agreed with the other subs.
  • Some KC fans (and their coach) are complaining about the lack of a foul called right before the goal.  They are conveniently ignoring the lack of a foul called on KC immediately before and after the missing foul on Colorado.
  • Overall I thought the game was evenly called even if the foul threshold was a bit high at times.
  • Looks like we'll be missing Moor, Sjoberg (both suspended), Serna, Doyle, and Figueroa in Vancouver (all on international duty) in a week and a half.  Ouch.
  • Its nice being out of the basement, and seeing FSL down there in our place.
  • SportsClubStats has us up to a 6.7% chance to make the playoffs.  The Bodmer Line is now down to 1.63 - 2.0 pts/game.  If we win in Vancouver, then we can start thinking about being back in the playoff chase.

Man of the Match: Kevin Doyle.  Honestly Sanchez might be the better choice but Doyle deserves the nod for having game winning goals in back to back games.  He now has 4 goals on the season, tying him with Torres for the lead.  All 4 of them have been game winning goals!

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