Friday, August 28, 2015

I. Told. You. So.

The Denver Post had an article today about Pablo's tenuous position.  Included was a paraphrase from Tim Hinchey that made my eyes roll back so far I could see inside my head.
Hinchey reiterated that Mastroeni was thrown into a tough situation last year, being officially named coach a week before the first match. 
Let us turn our attention back to February 20th, 2014 when I got an unsolicited email from Tim Hinchey after pointing out a couple of days earlier that we were 4 weeks from opening day and didn't have a coach yet.
However, we are not “killing time” on our coach search nor do you have any clue how to run a professional sports organization and any such complications when hire a head coach.
Your email response asking and suggesting whether "I realize" we need a coach is offensive.  I have worked in professional sports for over 20 years and I doubt I would be in my current position if I was so clueless. 
These business metrics clearly indicate our fans are supporting the club and our efforts to find the absolute right coach for this club.  Simply appointing any candidate to satisfy any minority outside pressure would be foolish. 
Yeah, this would be the point where I would take a victory lap if it weren't on the back of two of the worst seasons in  club history.  instead I'm just going to say I told you so.  Its ridiculous to see Hinchey reported as using the late naming of Pablo as coach as an excuse when he slammed me for pointing out how bad of an idea that was and assured me that I had no idea what I was talking about (and then somebody in the Rapids leaked the emails).

The article goes on.  Hinchey says it won't be fair to do an evaluation until the season is over.  for all practical purposes it is though, so I'd love to know what the bar is for Pablo for the next 9 games.  5 wins?  That's the only thing that should get him close to keeping his job.  That would be 10 wins in the second half of the season which would be impressive.

At the end of the article Hinchey addresses the KSEOut movement (which I'll be addressing next week):
The green movement, he said, points to growth among the Rapids' support.
"I think four years ago, I'm not sure we would've heard this kind of noise," Hinchey said. "I think it's actually a positive that we hear this noise. We just need to get results and do better for them."
4 years ago would be just about the time Gary Smith was talking to the Denver Post about how he couldn't work with Paul Bravo and how he didn't understand how the CMO got to have a say in player decisions.  In case you forgot, the CMO at that time was Tim Hinchey.  Oh, and the Rapids were just 9 months removed from lifting MLS Cup.

Excuse me Tim, but is that really the parallel you want to draw right now?  Really?  Because that's really not going to come out in your favor.

At this point I'm just shaking my head.  When you're in a hole, stop digging!

In unrelated news the Rapids recalled Badji from Charlotte today.  This is probably due to Serna being named to the pre-qualifer U-23 camp (and likely to the qualifying team) and the rumor that Doyle might e in the plans for Ireland soon.  In order to make room they've loaned Eloundou to Colorado Springs.  That's a bit surprising after some of the talk from both sides on how they didn't want to partner together.  Maybe a thawing of that relationship?

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jw7 said...

Anyone new to the area will appreciate any history of this team's historically poor performance 2014-15 and how the team got there.

So then according to Tim's own words over the past week:
The Rapids had trouble finding a coach before the 2014 season...
The Rapids had trouble finding and signing attacking players in 2015...

What do we get to look forward to Tim not being able to find or sign in 2016?

Dose Tim have the amount of league wide influence this team needs, at this time?