Thursday, August 20, 2015

Interesting Live(?) Tweeting Of A Hinchey 1 on 1 Today

I had another post planned for today about the KSEOut movement but an interesting twitter discussion erupted that seemed more relevant.  Season-ticket holder Brian Mercer has a lunchime 1 on 1 with Tim Hinchey and live(?) tweeted it.  There's a lot in there and I'm just going to hit some things that jumped out to me but I encourage you to read it all.  Start with this tweet and work forward.
he also said that while he and Bravo talk with Pablo about tactics, Pablo ultimately chooses lineups and formation. no micromanagement.
This doesn't surprise me at all.  I know there's a segment of Rapids fans who believe Bravo and/or Hinchey are driving some of the decisions but I don't believe that's the case.  I think they went out and found a coach that would play the 4-3-3 they want the team to play but other than that theey've let Pablo and his staff make the decisions.
team sees Watts as future 6, defensive mid that can cover a lot of area and good passing. Definitely not a future CB.
 I've heard this from other sources as well.  Anything but a CB!
Hinchey says the gripe about not playing attacking soccer is very legit and a big problem. the style is in effect throughout academy...
...but with Pablo it has been a struggle to establish it in the senior team.
Then quit selling it!  Its bad enough we play the way we do but its insulting to hear the FO talk about attacking soccer when every fan can see we're not playing that way.
apparently Claudio Lopez doesn't want to be a bench coach but would rather work with Bravo upstairs. not much coaching experience on staff 
The lack of experience is a HUGE problem, and contrary to what was discussed at the Celtic last year where they talked about getting Pablo more support.  nice of him to admit it, but I'd like to hear how they're going to solve it.

I also thought the note that Lopez doesn't want to coach was interesting.  I guess he's not the obvious choice to replace Pablo on an interim basis as I had been suggesting.
other clubs making offers for rapids players, most often asking for Powers, Serna, and Torres. Moor has generated a few offers as well.
Three younger guys we shouldn't trade and the heart and soul of the team right now.  No, no, no, and no to those offers.
Powers has struggled with confidence since missing that PK against RSL. confidence hard to find in midst of poor season.
It would be easier to find confidence if he was actually played at his best position...
also pointed out that there is no chance Kroenke sells the team. "Kroenke never sells anything he buys." so theres that.
Duh, that point was (and will still be) part of my KSEOut post.
Pablo still a work in progress, biggest issue according to Hinchey is that the team isn't playing the style of soccer they're striving to.
this seemed like a big deal to Hinchey, he was really frustrated about it. not sure Pablo can get it done.
A year and a half in and our coach is still "a work in progress".  Hey Tim?  I'm not buying season tickets so that we can be a training camp for a coach.  Pablo clearly can't get it done, so find somebody who can.
Pablo responds by playing all defenders.
i brought this up. Hinchey said the SJ game was especially frustrating. sounds like disconnect between Bravo/Pablo
There seems to be a number of disconnects in the FO right now.
its too bad he could not be this honest in the fan forum. A lot of problems could have been avoided with honest answers
sounded like he wanted to use the forum to show support for Pablo, not undermine him on the spot.
Um, what?  The Fan Forum should have had one purpose only, to convince the fans things were going to get better not prop up a failing coach.  No wonder that was such a farce (and Tim and Paul seemed to be "ducking" questions).
i don't totally buy everythign he said, but he said he's willing to meet with anyone 1:1 for a chat.
Yawn, the infamous 1 on 1 chat.  Many of you will remember that was the offer that was made to me before last season that I turned down.  Its not the only time since then that I had a chance to talk/blog/report on a meeting with a FO rep but each time it felt more like they wanted me as a mouthpiece, not an actual discussion.

At some point Hinchey is going to realize he can't meet with all 6000 season ticket holders 1 on 1 and has to do more than a farcical Fan Forum to get across to us, right?
he talked about twitter, says he doesn't mind crticism, but if it gets personal, vulgar, swearing, then he'll block
So its not ok for people to get personal towards him but he can email a fan this?
However, we are not “killing time” on our coach search nor do you have any clue how to run a professional sports organization and any such complications when hire a head coach.  Therefore, if you value actually learning more, give me call as like I did with SI last week, I’m happy to fully and honestly explain our efforts.  If not, I find your blog completely ridiculous and nothing more than your own personal venting tool. 
Yeah, that's not getting personal at all.  BTW in my opinion I've never gotten personal or been vulgar or had any swearing outside an occasional WTF on this blog.
renewals, after first 20 days, are at 79% already. club revenue doubled in past two seasons. new sponsors, > budgets
*sigh* In other words there's no reason to change what they're doing.
Hinchey said seeing the terraces half full is frustrating, wishes the SG's would grow. says willing to help SG's out however they want
Here's a thought, put a good team on the field!
my fave part of meeting was bringing up a few choice Pablo quotes and Hinchey just shaking his head. speaks for itself.
Well, that says a lot right there.

There's a bunch of tweets I skipped so you should really read them all.  Hats off to Brian for tweeting all this and getting it out there.

Overall I'm not impressed.  There seems to be a lot of dysfunction between Hinchey, Bravo, and Mastroeni but I'm not hearing a lot of plans to solve it.  It appears that at least in these 1 on 1 meetings Hinchey recognizes that the club has serious problems but all we hear publicly is "have faith" or something similar.  At some point Hinchey, as the club President, needs to sell more than happy thoughts and future dreams and start presenting the reality of the situation.

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