Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dallas Burns Rapids Defense

As many fans feared the decision to play the second team on Wednesday seems to have cost the Rapids as the planned on win didn't emerge from Saturday's game in Dallas.  Instead Dallas sliced and diced a possibly tired Rapids defense in the second half en route to a 3-2 win.  Colorado can feel unlucky in some ways, as two of the three Dallas goals were scored due to unusual deflections, but at the same time Dallas had two great opportunities they smashed off the woodwork.  The Rapids defense fell apart as the game went on, and Dallas took full advantage.

My strategic consideration for this game was focusing on the game and not the grudge match.  If anything maybe a bit more fire was needed.
  • Nice header by Jose Mari, but he was a bit off in this match.  A good example was on Dallas' third goal when he slid in and didn't get the ball.
  • Of course he was the second player in that sequence to do that after Moor whiffed.  At which point O'Neill should have just taken the yellow card instead of trying to defend the shot.
  • Klute, worst game as a Rapid I think.
  • Pareja was forced to use two of his subs due to injury, but it actually helped.  In that heat Pablo should have subbed sooner.
  • Torres for 2 minutes?  Not helpful.
  • Irwin can't be blamed on any of the goals.  The first two took unfortunate deflections after it appeared he had the original shot covered.  The third was just a great shot.
  • LaBrocca had a solid game, but a solid game from Nick just isn't what we need right now.
  • A rough two games to go into the World Cup break.  We need to bounce back strong.
Man of the Match: Deshorn Brown.  Great touch on the goal and since nobody stood out (at least in a good way) that's enough to get the MotM award.

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