Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Groups A & B After Two Rounds

Group A:
Brazil: 4 +2
Mexico: 4 +1
Croatia: 3 +2
Cameroon: 0 -5

My picks: Brazil, Croatia

I'm sitting hare in my Cameroon jersey wondering what int he world happened to the Indomitable Lions.  I knew getting out of the group is a long shot but they're currently rivaling Spain for the worst team in the tournament.  What a mess.  Meanwhile Brazil looks nothing like the world-beaters I expected and Mexico seems to have found whatever they lost in 2013.  Damn you Zusi for giving Mexico a lifeline!  Croatia just needs to beat Mexico to get through or have Cameroon pull off a epic upset of Brazil.  Cameroon has been eliminated but the 3 other teams can all win, finish 2nd, or be eliminated on the final match day.

Group B:
Netherlands: 6 +5
Chile: 6 +4
Australia: 0 -3
Spain: 0 -6

My picks: Spain, Chile

Um, wow.  What happened to Spain.  Talk about a crash and burn.  They need to beat the Aussies to avoid last place!  Meanwhile the Netherlands, along with Germany, looks like the best team at the tournament.  Chile is quickly becoming a favorite team for me..  not only do they play well but their understanding of the importance (or lack there of) of the game in appreciated.  Their ties to the trapped miners (they brought dirt from the mine to sprinkle at their training ground to remember what's truly important) makes it easy to root for them.  Netherlands will play Chile to decide who's first and who's second, with Netherlands taking first in the case of a draw.

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