Thursday, June 26, 2014

Second Half Farce Leads To USOC Elimination

The Rapids didn't bother to show up on Tuesday night until they were up 2 men and down 2 goals.  By then it was too late.  Pablo put pretty much the best team out there he could have and the response was luke-warm.  Then Atlanta played dirty and cheap, the officials lost control, and Colorado lost the game 2-1.

  • The first Atlanta goal was a bit of a slip by the defense but it was a great touch by the Atlanta striker.  You have to tip your hat.
  • The second Atlanta goal though, yuck.  Irwin came out and got caught in no-mans land which left a wide open goal for the Atlanta striker to hit.
  • Chavez celebrating that goal in front of the relocated Terraces should have been a tip as to what was coming.
  • And then the game went to hell.  Chavez stomped on Moor's face as he went by and it was on.  Both teams started pushing and shoving, 4 red cards were issues, both head coaches were dismissed, and the game spiraled out of control.
  • I can't complain about any of the actions except for dismissing Pablo.  He never entered the field and while he moved passed his technical area it wasn't anything you don't see other coaches doing.
  • Down two men Atlanta went to the diving and shoving mode of play.  Anything they could do to waste time or delay the Rapids.
  • Good move bringing Sanchez out at that point, we didn't need him getting injured.
  • Pretty sad that for almost 30 minutes the Rapids had a 2 man advantage and could only manage a PK goal.
  • Near the end of the game multiple easy balls were let go over the end line because the Rapids just couldn't get their act together.  Embarrassing.
  • The "classy" Silverbacks then celebrated by dancing at midfield.  I realize this was on of their biggest wins in their history but given the temperature of the match the celebrations were best saved for the locker room.
  • Full credit to the Rapids, they didn't blame the officiating for the loss.  They took full responsibility and Drew Moor in particular stood up and said it wasn't good enough.
In the end the Rapids threw away a golden chance to make it at least to the semifinals by playing like crap.  The officiating was a joke but Colorado has nobody but themselves to blame for the loss.  Horrible night for the team.

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