Sunday, June 22, 2014

Groups G & H After Two Rounds

Group G:
Germany: 4 +4
USA: 4 +1
Ghana: 1 -1
Portugal: 1 -4

My Picks: Germany, USA

Well as crushing as that Portuguese goal was the U.S. is still favored to advance along with Germany.  Germany will almost certainly win the group, the question will be will they be satisfied with a draw or will they want to make a statement against their former coach and the German-Americans on the U.S.'s team?  The Ghana-Portugal game will be wide-open as Portugal knows it needs to win big to win a tiebreaker.

Group H:
Belgium: 6 +2
Algeria: 3 +1
Russia: 1 -1
South Korea: 1 -2

My Picks: Belgium Russia

Belgium has advanced already and just needs a draw with South Korea to win the group.  South Korea still has a slight chance but they need to make up goal differential and get the right result in the other game.  Algeria sits well after their big win today but needs to finish the job while Russia needs a win and South Korea not to run up the score on Belgium.

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