Friday, June 13, 2014

Groups A & B After One Round

Group A:
Brazil: 3 +2
Mexico: 3 +1
Cameroon: 0 -1
Croatia: 0 -2

My picks: Brazil, Croatia

Still feeling confident about my picks.  Croatia was screwed by the ref on Brazil's PK, but I think the foul on Cesar that disallowed their goal was a good one.  Or at least one that you see called regularly.  In the end they have a right to feel aggrieved but I think Brazil was the better team.  Neither Mexico or Cameroon looked particularly good, but Mexico had at least one goal incorrectly disallowed for offside.  They possibly had a second unfairly taken away but it was very very close so I'm not sure.  I think Croatia can get enough points off of these two to get out of their hole.  They do need to go to their backup keeper though.

Group B:
Netherlands: 3 +4
Chile: 3 +2
Australia: 0 -2
Spain: 0 -4

My picks: Spain, Chile

Um, I'd like to re-think my group winner pick please.  It was stunning how easily the Netherlands tore apart Spain.  Of course Iker Casillas' horrible play in net for Spain didn't help.  With Spain being unable to defend and Chile not wanting to defend there could be a lot of goals in this group.  Australia hung in well against Chile until late, especially after the first 15 minutes made it appear it was going to be a rout.  I thought the Aussies might get a draw but they ran out of gas and Chile got a vital goal for goal differential.  But look at the bright side, they're still ahead of the defending champions!

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