Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rapids Melt Creamsicles

The Rapids dominated this game from start to finish.  The stats bear this out.  Houston didn't have a single shot on target (they gave the crossbar a solid rattle once though), only 5 total shots, less than 38% possession, and only 5 5 minute periods where they had the majority of possession.  Meanwhile Colorado had 15 shots, 9 on target, and 3 goals.  Scoring within 5 minutes put this game away before it started.

My strategic consideration for this game was taking advantage of a weakened opponent.  You can't ask for more than a 3 goal win while leading for 85 minutes of the game.
  • You couldn't script a better start to the game.  A pinpoint cross from Wynne that Brown headed home for an early lead.
  • The Powers puts Brown through for a second goal in the first half.  Very, very close to offside but I didn't get a good enough view to say the AR got it wrong.
  • Hill's goal in the 2nd half was amazing.  A back heel flick off a corner at waist height?  99 out of 100 times that ball doesn't get anywhere near goal, regardless of who's flicking it.
  • Powers sent the corner in, giving him 2 assists for the game and a team-leading 3 for the season.
  • Wynne had an outstanding game.  In the first half he was just slicing the Houston defense apart while still covering his defensive responsibilities.
  • Good to see Hill get a goal after not finishing the wide open chance he had early in the first half.  Great defensive clearance but hard to believe he couldn't get it in the empty net.
  • Klute was oddly quiet in the attack, but the game plan might have been to let Wynne go forward and have Klute stay back.
  • Marlon Hairston is doing great coming off the bench.  And he didn't let the poor shot he took with his first or second touch of the game get him down.
  • The subs were clearly to prepare for two more games this week.  Brown, Powers, and Jose Mari all pulled by the middle of the 2nd half.
  • Good to see Omar Cummings back at the Dick.  The fans tried to make him feel welcome.
Man of the Match: Deshorn Brown.  As you can see there were plenty of players to choose from, but if MLS makes Brown the league's Player of the Week,w ho am I to disagree with it?

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